R&R is committed to providing the best material available for your art casting needs. We are pleased to share our customers’ work on The Art Casting Depot site. To share your work, contact R&R’s Marketing Department.

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Established to provide a one-stop, 24/7 information and shopping source for art casters, The Art Casting Depot offers casters a complete line of well-established products in the art casting industry. These products have stood the test of time and have been staples in the art casting community for decades. Art casters taking advantage of The Art Casting Depot's product line have realized the following advantages in their facilities:

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All of The Art Casting Depot's products are manufactured and supplied by Ransom & Randolph.

R&R has been serving art casters worldwide for years and prides themselves on providing casters with consistent, quality products and excellent customer service. Casters enjoy the benefits of using R&R's products and enthusiastically recommend their favorites!


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